Every Swedish employee cares

From the receptionists to the surgeons, Swedish is full of passionate caregivers

People who join the health-care industry often do so because they want to help people. They want to make a difference in others’ lives. Caregivers join Swedish for more than that, though. Swedish caregivers are some of the best in the nation, and they come to stay at the top of their game. Every day, they’re practicing new, innovative ways to improve patient health. Combining excellence and innovation with compassion, care and commitment makes for the highest-quality, safest patient experience anywhere.
These individuals chose health care very deliberately. Some might even say that health care chose them.



Certified Medical Assistant

Louis is always happy to see his patients and works hard to ensure that they are happy to be there and see him too. Bringing high energy and humor to his job, he helps patients by connecting with them on a personal level, making sure that they know he’s there because he cares. 




Clinic Supervisor

As a Type I diabetic, Calie has been in and out of hospitals since she was a child. She knows what healthcare looks like from the patient side and the hospital side, giving her a unique perspective on how to best help her patients.




Clinic Administrator

Gretchen has been with Swedish for 15+ years and has no plans to leave any time soon. She’s inspired by both the work she does and her staff and patients. Problem solving and assisting other people are what makes her passionate about her job.