Statement from Swedish CEO Dr. Guy Hudson

[fa icon='calendar'] September 12, 2018 / by Swedish Medical Center posted in Swedish News

In a rapidly changing health care environment, Swedish must ensure that our organization is well positioned to continue to provide the excellent care that our patients and communities expect and deserve. That requires us to regularly evaluate how we serve the needs of our patients and, when necessary, realign our programs to best fulfill our mission. This will require some difficult decisions to ensure we can continue to serve our community, while maintaining our commitment to quality and patient safety. 

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Kenneth had a massive heart attack and ended up homeless. How Swedish helped him to recovery.

[fa icon='calendar'] April 25, 2018 / by King 5

At Swedish's Heart and Vascular Institute, the care doesn't stop once a patient leaves the hospital. This commitment is exemplified by the unique story of Kenneth, a patient who not only experienced a massive heart attack but became homeless while in recovery.

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New Swedish chief appoints COO, fills out C-suite

[fa icon='calendar'] December 5, 2017 / by Puget Sound Business Journal

Now that Dr. Guy Hudson has been at the helm of Swedish Health Services as the permanent CEO since June, he has begun filling out the top executive ranks.
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Dr. Elizabeth Meade, chief of Pediatrics at Swedish, talks about the potential consequences of kids getting tattoos

[fa icon='calendar'] November 17, 2017 / by Komo News


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Volunteers shower love on NICU babies

[fa icon='calendar'] November 14, 2017 / by King 5


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Healthy Living: Doctors warn new moms about eating placenta after birth

[fa icon='calendar'] November 13, 2017 / by Q13 Fox

Call it what you will, but doctors say a new trend has some moms eating their placenta after birth.

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Does Cold Weather Really Make You Sick?

[fa icon='calendar'] November 9, 2017 / by Romper

"Zip up your coat or you'll catch a cold!" You know how the popular expression goes: "If you had a dollar for each time you heard that ..." As a kid, it's likely you were scolded by your grandma for heading out the doors without five layers, or your mother covered your head with a hat in an effort to thwart the common cold. They have the best of intentions, of course, but you can't help but wonder: "Does cold weather really make you sick?" These doctors say the popular tale is far from true.

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Does all Baby Formula Contain Arsenic?

[fa icon='calendar'] October 31, 2017 / by Romper

As a parent, you are used to doing a little investigative work when it comes to your child. You carefully read food ingredient labels and spend hours researching the best products to clothe, diaper, and carry them. That's why many parents are more than worried about a scary study released in October that found 80 percent of infant formulas tested positive for arsenic. With high numbers like that, it makes you wonder, "does all baby formula contain arsenic?" And, if so, what the heck?

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They’re alive! Allen Institute harvests data from bits of living human brain tissue

[fa icon='calendar'] October 25, 2017 / by GeekWire

Zapping brain cells from living human tissue? It sounds like a creepy Halloween tale, but for the Allen Institute for Brain Science, it’s a clever way to understand more fully how the brain works — and potentially bring healing to future patients.

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Swedish Edmonds program that works with local youth nominated for governor’s award

[fa icon='calendar'] October 24, 2017 / by My Edmonds News

Swedish Edmonds has been nominated for the Governor’s Employer Award for the 2017 Youth Employer of the Year for working with Project Search, an innovative program run through the Edmonds School District that connects developmentally disabled students with employers in the health care industry.

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