Mobile mammography program brings care to underserved women

[fa icon="calendar"] October 10, 2017 / by King 5

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. As rates begin to decline there is a disparity in who is surviving breast cancer, and it's based on which women have access to the right medical care.

The Swedish Mobile Mammography Program is bringing medical care to areas where women are traditionally underserved by accessibility, income, or lack of healthcare.

On Tuesdays, the 64-foot trailer can be found in the International District in Seattle.

Darlene Fanus, manager of the mobile mammography program, says they are constantly booked with a waiting list that stretches into 2018. 

Fanus says it's not just underserved women who are benefiting from the mobile clinic. Professional women often put their health last behind family and work, often not having time to schedule a mammogram. In response, Swedish has partnered up with companies like Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft providing regular visits at their office locations to make sure women who work there are getting their health needs addressed.

View a full list of the mobile mammography clinic locations and information on how to make an appointment.


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Written by King 5